Art of Resilience & Looking Ahead to Summer

Whew! We have just finished one of the hardest admission seasons in our twenty years of working with families. We had great success for our families, but our success was due to hard work, perseverance in helping our parents and really understanding their children. We try to give solid, realistic advice and guidance throughout the process as well as after the process is completed. However, how we have noticed changes in the school process.

Here are some of our observations from this year:

1) There are more families overall going through the process.

2) Our city is growing, changing and bringing in wonderful people from all over the country with different backgrounds and values, with a common thread of valuing a good education for their children. 

3) Education has changed, whether we like it or not.

4) Covid has been a source of change in our education system and children and adults have felt physical and mental stress as a result.

4) The quality of teachers in our systems has been reduced. Many fantastic educators have left the field since Covid. 

5) More children are being analyzed and evaluated for learning differences. We are seeing higher numbers of psychological evaluations and diagnoses over the years.

6) We know so much more about our children and their development due to research, books, experts, etc.

The bottom line is- our roles as consultants have taken on more importance. We have become your counselors, therapists and team for understanding your family dynamics and how to navigate this process with thoughtfulness, positivity and professionalism.

Resilience is a word that holds deep meaning for all of us. As parents and educators, we are faced every day with a new dilemma. It could be a dentist appointment, a sick child, a flat tire, or a serious illness. Nothing runs smoothly and we have to face each day with positivity even when your child doesn’t want to go to school or want to read. Our world is filled with daily challenges and as parents you must develop patience, creativity and figure out how you are going to manage getting three children to three different schools. Your children are not alike. It is not easy but the magic word is ‘resilience’ because there are solutions and alternatives. 

When you take on the challenge of being a parent, you will learn that sometimes things don’t work out the way you wanted and the logistics of life do not mesh, but positivity and resilience must be in your vocabulary. Things do work out, the process of education and life can be tough but a positive attitude is necessary for success. 

Looking ahead to Summer: 

  • Your child’s teacher is a fabulous resource. Be sure you visit with their teacher and see what your child needs to work on. Ask the following questions:

What gaps are there? 

What reading materials should your child work on? 

Is there a math packet for review? 

Is there a reading list? 

  • Discuss which teacher may be best for your child next year. Trust this person to make a good recommendation.
  • Summer activities should be planned. If home, take some time to think about what camps, libraries, outdoor activities, and indoor fun can be planned. Let each member of the family pick two activities they want to do locally this summer.
  • Make any appointments that need to be done for either medical or mental wellness. This is the time to play catch up with your children.
  • Even though it’s summer, continue to limit device and screen time. Studies are showing that excess screen time is affecting children’s brain development and social skills. Think about what sites/apps/games your child is allowed to use. Have conversations with your child about appropriate technology use.
  • Be present with your children. Have discussions, book club night, trivia night, meal planning together, sharing family history or just being together. Our children are growing fast. Time with family is so important. 

We are now taking new clients for our 2023-24 season. We have helped you and you are our best source of referral. We take new parents through high school and we can even refer you on to college. Our practice thrives because of you. We care about the families we help. We care about you. Please share our newsletter with others.

Thank you for your trust.

Barbara, Betsy, Fontaine and Margo