Understand your child and how he or she learns

What do I do first?

It is not too early to make an educational plan for your family. Picking a school is an investment. The key is to do your research on the many schools available in Atlanta as soon as possible.

  • Understand your child and how he or she learns.

  • Listen carefully to the comments and recommendations of your child's current classroom teacher.

  • Formulate a philosophy of education based on research, school visits, and your own experience.

  • Be certain that your desires for your child are consistent with his or her learning style.

  • Listen objectively to the opinions of others and reach conclusions that do not compromise your own beliefs.

  • Keep an open mind when discussing your child's strengths and weaknesses.

  • Explore all the educational options based on the research you have completed.

  • Move through the process in a way that will not create undue stress on your family.

Education Connection Advisors
Education Connection Advisors

What Is The JATP?

The JATP test is another name for the Joint Admissions Testing Program whereby students who are applying for kindergarten through fifth grade in participation with certain independent schools are evaluated by a specified psychologist.

This test is an aptitude test which measures a student's ability to learn. The following link, www.jatp.org will provide specific information.

What Is The SSAT?

The Secondary School Admission test is used by many independent schools throughout the United States and other countries for admission into their respective schools.

There are three levels of this test; the lower level which is for students applying to grades four and five, the middle level which is for students applying to grades six through eight, and the upper level which is for students applying to grades nine through twelve.

There are national tests scheduled throughout the year beginning in October. See www.ssat.org for more information regarding the test and registration.

What is the SSAT Flex Test?

Education Connection Advisors is an approved flex test site for students who want to take the Middle or Upper Level test either individually or in a small group setting. Students are permitted to take the SSAT Flex Test only once per academic year. Please contact us for a specific test date prior to registering online. See  www.ssat.org/flex for more information.

The ABC'S of Researching Schools

Start by researching each school through its publications and websites, and then plan a school visit. Here are a few areas to think about when formulating your questions.

  • A

    Arts | Athletics

  • B

    Building Confidence | Building Blocks of Learning

  • C

    Campus Tours | Curriculum

  • D

    Diversity | Design Thinking

  • E

    Extracurriculars | Extended Day

  • F

    Facilities | Financial Aid

  • G

    Goals | Group Tours

  • H

    Homework policies

  • I


  • J


  • K

    Kindergarten Age Guidelines

  • L

    Learning Differences | Laptop School

  • M

    Mission Statement | Maker’s Space

  • N

    Nurse | Nutrition

  • O

    Open House | Observations

  • P

    Performing Arts | Project Based Learning

  • Q


  • R

    Recommendations | Religion

  • S

    SSAT Testing and Preparation | STEM

  • T

    Technology | Tuition

  • U


  • W


  • V

    Visual Arts

  • X Y Z

    eXtra Help | Your Personal Decision