Happy Summer from Education Connection Advisors! We are definitely in July. The weather has grown warmer and we are looking for moments of peace, days to possibly sleep late and slow down. This is the one month where a less frenetic pace is accepted for all.   We will be brief as well and review some key educational points.

School placements- We will always be there for you if you need help with your school choices whether it is preschool, elementary or beyond. We believe in both public and private schools but our goal is helping you find what you need for your family. We also can help you think about where to live, not finding your dream house but answering those pressing questions, such as geographical location, that impact your family’s educational plan. We continue to take clients for 2020-2021.  

Virtual Education and What the School Year Looks Like- This is a topic on many of our minds right now and as we write this newsletter, schools, both public and private, are working hard on their plans. We are learning more everyday. APS is planning to start two weeks late (August 24th) and have virtual learning for the first 9 weeks. Cobb County Schools will delay opening until August 17th and are giving families the option of in person or virtual. Dekalb County announced a delayed start and beginning with virtual learning. Additionally, Fulton County will delay the opening of school by one week and offer families the option. Independent schools are creating plans specific to that school and we recommend doing your research to better understand your school’s protocol, and other schools in your area. This information is changing constantly so please check your school’s website for up to date information.

Our new Education Connection Advisors Resource Center is available to you to help answer many of your questions, regarding schools, curriculum, in-person vs. virtual, and how these different topics specifically relate to your family and more. 

Checkups and vaccinations- With the pandemic, you may have put off making your yearly appointments for your children. You need to get these done before school starts. Don’t forget the dentist or the eye doctor too! These offices are safe and taking every precaution possible. If you have questions, call your doctor’s office and be proactive.

Outside play– As long as we have the sun, be sure the kids are outside as much as they can be. Swimming is acceptable as long as you follow the specific guidelines. Guidelines continue to shift and change but we think play and activity are important to mental and physical health. 

Academic Work- Since all schools went into a virtual mode in March, please be sure your child is doing a little schoolwork throughout the summer. Reading books, playing board games that have strategy and thinking, puzzles, even workbooks would be great. Let your child write in a journal and work on writing skills. There are many acceptable computer games but be mindful of time spent on screens.

School Calendars– This will remain a topic of concern and interest for another month. All schools are in the midst of planning many different scenarios. Whatever is planned for right now can change tomorrow. Patience and flexibility are important words for all families. The admission directors and principals do not have all the answers yet. There are plans that are being published as we put out this newsletter but remember, they are all subject to be amended.

Activities– Many of our cultural sites are back open with reservation times: Fernbank, Atlanta Botanical Garden, The High Museum, The Center for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta History Center and more.

From the Tellus Museum to the Rock Garden in Calhoun Georgia, there are many things you can do at least once a week with another family or with your own family as field trips. We are available to help you if you get stuck on what to do with your children. Be creative.

Traveling virtually is one way to see Japan or the Galapagos. Study the turtles or the path of the monarch butterfly. Every family member may want to study a different country, an animal or a famous person. It does get hard having to be the camp counselor, meal provider, cleaner, and /or playmate everyday.


Podcast: Check out Betsy’s interview about education advocacy on the Common Space Podcast.

Time for yourself: Hire a babysitter or teenager for a couple hours a week if possible or trade off with a trusted friend so each of you can have free time

Websites : CDC updated guidelines, American Academy of Pediatrics, and school websites with updated COVID protocols

In August we will continue to discuss what is really happening in our schools. In the meantime, write us with a question or idea, join the Resource Center and pass this on to your friends.  We want to get to know you better and help you with your educational concerns.

Barbara, Fontaine and Betsy- The Education Connection Advisors Team