Our September 2021 Newsletter

Happy September from Education Connection Advisors!

With the end of summer activities and the start of school, we are busy helping parents think about their educational plans for 2021-2022. We know you are still getting acclimated to different schedules for each child, what the traffic patterns are and how you get in grocery shopping, a workout, time in the office, or even a night with friends all in one day. 

We can at least help you with your educational needs. 

Important Webinar Dates:

“Life After Preschool”

Hosts: Education Connection Advisors & Northside Methodist Preschool

When: Tuesday, October 5th at 9:30am 

Please join us for a conversation about school placement, educational planning, and educational concerns. Dr. Clare Rubin, a child psychologist and JATP tester, will also join the webinar. We will be discussing a variety of relevant educational and developmental topics for preschool parents, including researching school choices, making an educational plan for your family, as well as anxiety and resilience of children in these unusual times. Bring your questions, as there will be an opportunity to submit questions electronically for Q&A.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


 “A Discussion in Understanding the Private School Process”

Hosts: Education Connection Advisors

When: Tuesday, October 19th at 9:30am

We are excited to bring you our annual Education Connection Advisors Admission Panel. Admission directors from Atlanta’s independent schools and your team of advisors will help you learn everything you need to know about the school process in one hour. This year will be in a virtual format, but we are hoping this allows more families to join us.

A big thank you to Mt. Vernon School and their admission director, Kirsten Beard, for hosting this special panel of educators with us.

Topics Include:

Researching Schools – Timeline – Ravenna – JATP – SSAT – Affordability – Recommendations & Rounding Out Your Application – Keeping Your Own Counsel

Schools Participating:

Pace Academy – The Galloway School – Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School – The Lovett School – Marist School – Mount Vernon School – St. Martin’s – The Westminster Schools – Woodward Academy

 Please encourage your friends to sign on too and register for both sessions. They will be informative, free, and open to the whole community. 


College Solutions Upcoming Event

Host: Country Club of the South

When: Thursday, September 23 at 6:00pm

Host: Peachtree Road United Methodist Church

When: Saturday, September 25 at 6:00pm

Our partners, College Solutions, will be offering two college information sessions in the Atlanta area this month. We hope that you will take advantage of one of these opportunities if you have a child with college in their near future. 


 Educational Insights to consider as we head into fall: 

Has Covid impacted your family? Of course, but remember that your family is your most precious gift. Consistency and structure with flexibility and strength are the keys to success at home and within a school environment. Follow the guidelines of the school, CDC, or your pediatrician. 

Whatever has been done today may not be the same tomorrow. Breathe and stay focused. Do something for yourself at least once a week.  Our world is a roller coaster and we have not gotten off of it yet. 

If your child is complaining of headaches, eye strain, stomach aches, or even anxiety, talk to your pediatrician. We have seen an increase in psycho emotional problems in our children due to too much virtual learning, limited interactions with friends, less free time, and too much computer time. Schools are also giving more homework and lengthening the school day. 

 There are a lot of articles out there on the dependency problem of spending too much time on devices. It is important to limit the time spent on the ipad, watching movies, and/or playing video games. Since Covid began, we have all been “plugged in’ more and finding ourselves more attached to our phones or looking at emails. Have a family meeting to discuss ways that everyone in the family can try to amend their own individual habits. 

Playing outside is still the most important medicine right now. Hopefully, the weather will allow the kids to play outside after school, recharge their brains, and then come in for down time. Every afternoon does not need to be an activity. Our children need to have idle time to read, do homework, do a creative art project, play with legos, or just talk with you. Try to make dinner time stress free. Our families need the time to be a family. 

In terms of Covid, the school and city guidelines are truly ever changing. This year will be another year where protocols will be updated daily. 

We hope you will enjoy the upcoming panels! 

Thank you for reading our newsletters and feel free to share with your friends. You are our best source of referrals. Hope to see you at our meetings. 

Hopefully, the pumpkins are getting ripe, 

Barbara, Fontaine, Betsy and Margo 

Education Connection Advisors