Our January 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to 2022 from Education Connection Advisors

We are so excited to share our January newsletter with you. From Covid, to zoom, to back learning in the classroom, we have had a lot to deal with over the last two years but hopefully we have all survived and grown in some ways as well.

Notes of importance:

Learning has been taking place. Our schools have been diligently trying to get children back on track.  We have noticed an increase in homework which has made us all realize that education is so important along with playing outdoors and getting exercise.

We have noticed an increase in anxiousness and moodiness. Please watch your child for any changes in their moods, sleep patterns or eating habits. Be sure you are seeing your pediatrician if you notice any changes in your child. If you are not sure, seek help for you or your child. Again, we want to emphasize the importance of limiting the time on devices when possible. Our children are becoming more addicted to video games and ipads. We, as parents, are too!!!

Think about next year and begin to analyze your experience this year. How has it been going? Be sure to follow up with your child’s teacher to see strengths and weaknesses and areas of growth and improvement. If you have not had a conference to really talk about your child, please do. Do not wait until April for this meeting. 

This year we want to highlight a few more good books or podcasts for you to read, listen to or share with others or even share with your book clubs:

Podcasts for Kids & Families: 

Podcasts for Grown Ups:

Parenting Books: 

We also want to make sure you have built back into your schedule time for you, whether it is a pickle ball game, night out, or a massage. It is important for your own psychological well being and for the well being of your family and friends. You need time for you and time with friends too. 

Additionally, we want to introduce you to our fantastic administrative assistant, Margo Yoder who has four children at Atlanta Public Schools, spanning elementary, middle and upper. While you may think our practice only pushes for independent schools, we are public school advocates and believe that your public school must be investigated, toured, and looked at seriously. Logistics are so important in our lives along with making a financial spread sheet for your anticipated educational needs. 

Here are a few of Margo’s thoughts about the experiences of her children:

We made the decision to send our children to our local public school because we wanted our children to be a part of the community we currently found ourselves living in. We wanted them at school with our neighbors, with a diverse group of people, a microcosm of the broader world. Our local public school provides that opportunity. 

The education for my children in the North Atlanta cluster has been top notch. They have each thrived in this environment. It has provided real world situations and conversations that our family has attempted to engage to the best of our ability. My senior runs cross country and track, assists the Athletic Director, and is a part of the Diversity Group. My sophomore is a part of the Newspaper staff. Both take advantage of AP classes and the IB program at North Atlanta High School. Sutton Middle School has provided an awesome three years of transitioning from child to teenager providing guardrails to experiment with more independence and individuality.  Our youngest child had the opportunity to start Kindergarten in the Dual Language Immersion program engaging in her subjects for half the day in Spanish. This immersive experience has helped her become bilingual. This path will continue into middle and high school in our cluster. Atlanta Public Schools has also provided my children with opportunities to run for student council, play sports, continue the IB program, and experience and participate in the beautiful diversity of our city. 

Finally we feel it is very important to give back to the community. The four of us are active volunteers whether it is in the environment, our religious affiliation, mental health, our community, or in our schools. Giving to others gives us affirmation, confidence, and helping others reach their potential are mottos which we strive for as educators. This year, we have chosen Skyland Trail to be our beneficiary of the Education Connection Advisors Giving Fund. Our gift will go to supporting adolescents and mental health treatment. 

Education Connection Advisors continues to help parents with navigating the school process while we continually  address concerns parents may have about their children. 

Please pass our information and newsletter onto friends and colleagues. We continue to build our practice by our strong relationship with you. 

Happy New Year and stay well. 

Barbara, Betsy, Fontaine and Margo