“On the Road Again”

How does summer go so fast? What did you accomplish? What did your family do that was special this summer? Is it now a blur of doing things together, kids going to a variety of camps or outings or just enjoying downtime? Did you try to get your children to read, do a few pages of work or clean their room? Your team at Education Connection Advisors took time for their own families, traveled a little, enjoyed friends, read books and have readied themselves for another year of helping families. 

School Process and Planning:

  • Our goal continues to be helping you navigate the school process. Whether you are new to town, a new mother, a single parent or just parents who want to explore different educational paths, our team can help you sort out your ideas and find the best route for your family.
  • We specialize in being family centered and understanding your individual needs. We listen to you, your concerns and desires. We want to know you and your family. 
  • We are currently taking new clients for ‘23-24 so please pass on our information to your friends and colleagues. Most of our families come through referrals.

School Plans: 

Each school, public or private, has made changes over the summer. Read up on what is new and happening. Here are some questions to think about as you start the new school year:

  • What teachers are new and what are their credentials and interests?
  • What administrative changes have occurred?
  • Is there a new playground, a new math curriculum or a new building?
  • Look at your child’s schedule. Are all subjects being covered? How often does your child have recess?
  • What time is lunch? Do you need to provide a snack if your child eats too early? 
  • How do you communicate with the teacher? When is parent’s night?
  • What are the new health policies? Does your child need any new immunizations?
  • Is there a new language immersion class you are considering?
  • Become familiar with your child’s class. Volunteer for at least one activity. It helps you know the class and better understand what’s happening in the classroom.
  • If need be, schedule a time to talk to your child’s teacher if something should be addressed early in the year.
  • “Transparency” is one of our important educational words. 

Trends in Education today:

There are many trends in education today that we feel are important to think about as parents and we will address some today and others in upcoming newsletters. 

1) Collaborative Learning  

  Definition: When two or more students work together to learn something


  • Develops higher level thinking skills
  • Builds leadership skills, self esteem and responsibility
  • Exposure to others ideas and perspectives
  • Increases retention of material and builds memory

2) Project Based Learning

Definition: Using real world scenarios, problems or questions to help enhance student learning by encouraging critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and self management. 


  • Builds more critical thinking skills and collaboration
  • Increases creativity and communication 
  • Directs connection to the past and to the future, as well as connecting to their own work

3) Personalized Learning

Definition: Student centered learning where an educator creates curriculum targeted to the needs of that specific student


  • Students can drive his/her own learning
  • Deeper connection to the curriculum and students interests
  • Opportunities for assessments that really target that specific student
  • Flexibility and adaptability 
  • Even though the material may be history or a certain science subject matter, it is presented in a creative manner that will blend with students interests and thoughts

4) Online Learning

Definition: Instruction that is delivered electronically through various multimedia devices, internet applications and devices.

*During Covid, online learning became the norm, but it did bring some negative results. Many children did not learn as well, became disinterested, and schools now admit that material was not presented well or received. We believe that online learning can still be valuable but that it should not be the bulk of a student’s learning experience.


  • There are now better strategies in place for online learning
  • We are better prepared for a covid like scenario to take place because of these developing technologies
  • Provides flexibility in learning and can be a way to facilitate more personalized learning

Other Thoughts As We Head Into A New School Year:

  • Be careful that you have not ‘overscheduled’ your child
  • Be mindful that ‘their devices’ are being overused and screen time should be limited
  • As we prepare for ‘the road again” look at your own schedule. Be mindful that you take time for YOU. You are a better parent if you take time for your interests, passions, work and free time. 

Call us to help with your children. We are specialists in education because we care. Whether it is just a question, a concern, a relocation, a logistics question, a transfer, move to a boarding school, preschool, elementary, middle or high school- we are here to help YOU. 

Mark Your Calendars for our Fall Panels!

 More information to come in the next newsletter.

Life After Preschool: Tuesday, October 3rd at 9:15am at Northside Methodist Preschool

Navigating the Admission Process: Tuesday, October 17th at 9:30am 

You are on the road for 2023. Thank you for your ideas, referrals and for being part of our network.

Barbara, Betsy, Fontaine and Margo