Our Fall 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to another newsletter from Education Connection Advisors

We are excited to bring you our annual Education Connection Advisors Admission Panel on Tuesday, October 27th at 9:30am. Admission directors from Atlanta independent schools and your team of advisors will help you learn everything you need to know about the school process in one hour. This year will be in a virtual format, but we are hoping this allows more families to join us.

A big thank you to The Trinity School and their admission director Brad Brown for hosting this special panel of educators.

Topics Include:

Researching Schools






Recommendations & Rounding Out Your Application

Keeping Your Own Counsel

Schools Participating:

The Galloway School

Holy Innocents Episcopal School

The Lovett School

Marist School

Mount Vernon School

Trinity School

The Westminster Schools

Woodward Academy

 Please encourage your friends to sign on too and register. It will be informative and is free and open to the whole community. 


School Planning: If you still need help figuring out your school plan, our team is available to help. We are finding this year is more complicated for our daily lives and navigating the school selection process. We can relieve your stress and answer your educational questions easily.

For those of you who joined us at our “Life after Preschool” meeting, it was a wonderful event. We want to thank Andrea Petsche, Director of The Preschool at Peachtree Rd and her team for hosting this zoom meeting. Another thank you goes to Amy Chenault for pulling together all the details to make it a success. A special thanks goes to Dr. Mel Eldridge, one of our JATP psychologists for his informative insights. 

A few educational thoughts to consider:

If your child has not practiced on zoom or FaceTime and are 4 years  or older, then it may be time to get your child used to this method. We have learned something from the covid pandemic. Children can get shy, run away from the camera, start fiddling with a nearby toy or their clothes. We want children prepared for this technology. You can practice with a friend or family member.

Has Covid impacted your family? Of course, but remember that your family is your most precious gift. Consistency and structure with flexibility and strength are the keys to success at home and within a school environment.

Whatever has been done today may not be the same tomorrow. Breathe and stay focused. Our world is a roller coaster. 

If your child is complaining of headaches, eye strain and has been using the computer a lot for school, it is a hazard of the computer. Be sure children take enough breaks. Talk to your pediatrician if certain symptoms continue.

Playing outside is still the most important medicine right now.

Public schools are starting to roll out their next set of plans. Please make sure that you are staying informed about the safety protocol and practices of your public school district.

We hope you will enjoy the upcoming panel! Thank you for reading our newsletters and feel free to share with your friends.

The chill is in the air,

Barbara, Fontaine and Betsy

Education Connection Advisors