Our February 2021 Newsletter

Education Connection Advisors February Newsletter

Welcome to 2021! What a year it has been! We have been busy the last few months helping our clients with their questions, applications, and of course, their educational concerns.

We now want to highlight a few important points in the midst of this unusual time:

-Our goal continues to be helping families navigate the school process and making an educational plan as needed for each child. Our process is unique to each family.

– This year has been different, for better or worse, “Zoom” and “Virtual” have become common vocabulary in our lives.

-Remaining flexible and being able to pivot have been our mottos.

-We have zoomed with each family several times, helping them process their concerns and their thoughts. You, as parents, have virtually seen all the different campuses around the city. It did take you less time to visit than if you were in the car.

-Technology is a wonderful tool for all of us, but it has brought its own set of challenges as well. We have definitely improved our computer skills.

Our main goal remains: Helping parents through a difficult educational year and beyond

We have listed some questions below as you think about your child’s development and growth over the past year:

Has my child learned enough this year?

What have been the positive outcomes of virtual learning?

How has our family handled this year as a team?

What has brought your family together? What have you done together that has given you your happiest moments?

What has caused your family the most anxiety?

Where do we go from here?

Through this year we have learned more about ‘learning pods, moms and dads as teachers, screen time management, safety and cleanliness protocols, and staying positive all day long in the midst of a house filled with people, dogs and children.

We are optimistic so let’s fast forward now and dream about the summer!

  • Camp for the kids: we are all craving social opportunities
  • Learning or Tutoring Opportunities: Look into these if you feel there are gaps from the past year. We do caution not to overdo the tutoring this summer. 
  • Extracurricular activities for each child: we have all had so much time with our immediate family over the past year so look into unique opportunities for each child where they can have separate experiences form siblings
  • Vacations as a family. Many events were cancelled last year and we hope that we can all get out of the house more in the upcoming months and have fun things to look forward to.
  • Schedule doctor’s appointments perhaps missed or rescheduled (both for you and your children).
  • Try to see friends you have missed and activities you have missed as a family
  • Play dates for all ages

          Finally our hope for all is to get the vaccine.

Call Education Connection Advisors for your educational plans and needs. We look forward to working with you as you create your educational plan for your children.

Barbara Levy, Betsy Metcalf and Fontaine Draper