Happy summer from our team at Education Connection Advisors! Typically we are kicking off June by sending our children to various camps, attending swim meets and embarking on fun travel adventures. This is definitely not a “normal” summer for most of our families and we wanted to take the opportunity to send you a few thoughts and ideas to make the summer fun and manageable for the whole family, as well as some helpful school information.

Our Education Connection Advisors Resource Center is open and ready. Email us for more information. We would love for you to join, or share this information with others, so we can be there for you and your questions.  

Placement Information- We are now accepting clients for our 2020-2021 year. If you are interested, email us and we will send you more information. We help you navigate the school process from preschool through high school. We are team oriented and highly individualized.

Testing- SSAT testing and JATP testing information continues to be a work in progress during these uncertain times. There will be some changes to the SSAT with the addition of an at-home online test, hopefully available later in the summer. There will be no June National Test but flex testing has resumed IN SOME TESTING FACILITIES. The JATP is currently being offered in-person with SOME psychologists this summer for families considering a late application to a school.

Summer Camps and Experiences – The key to this summer is creativity. We have given you ideas below that you can use as a jumping off place. Add to our list and send us your ideas and photos as well.  WE CAN EASILY HELP YOU PLAN BY JOINING OUR NEW CENTER.

Make a calendar as a family each week and everyone can list things they need to do, want to do and then have time for inventive brainstorming. Let the children take ownership in making the calendar or adding their creative designs. Post your calendar each week but be flexible for things do not always happen as you plan them. Make a backup plan just in case the weather does not cooperate. The garage can also be a great place to adapt for play on bad weather days. If need be, order a fan for the garage ahead of the hot weather. 

Some Ideas for You and Your Family:

Field Day – Pajama Day – Costume Day – Nature Day – Art with Experts – Project Day – Book Club Day – Sports Day – Travel Day – Journal Day – Learn Local Day – Cooking Day – Country of the Week – LEGO Day – Magic Day – Photography Adventure Day – Video and Make your own Movie Day

Tutoring & Other Virtual Camps will also be available to families but be sure they have fun and games attached. Staying off the ipad this summer would definitely be advisable unless we are reading, writing or doing a little math. We need to stretch childrens’ brains in other creative methods. 

Anxiety and Depression has also been noted even in young children. Be sure you are watching for changes in your child’s attitude, eating, or sleeping patterns. If you see or suspect something, please seek help. We can advise you on who to reach out to but your pediatrician is your first resource. Don’t be afraid to get help.

Online Resources-There have been wonderful webinars and virtual presentations but of course, you have been busy with your children. Several websites are noted below which are worth looking at if you have time: 

Learning Network– The New York Times

Trying to Keep Kids Engaged– Boston Globe

Useful Homeschool Supplies (Wall Street Journal)

The Ultimate Parents’ Guide to Education and Activity Resources (Washington Post)

Atlanta Parent Magazine: Visit their home page for local activities and events

Mindfulness Activities: Sarah Bristow’s Growing Grounded is a great resource

Daily yoga, exercise or physical activity

Connect with friends and have a picnic lunch or dinner with them

Virtual therapy sessions are useful as well

We care,

Barbara, Fontaine and Betsy

Education Connection Advisors