Our Spring 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our spring newsletter. We hope the start of spring will bring our focus back to being outside, getting together with friends in a careful manner, and enjoying nature’s rebirth and beauty.  

As educational consultants, we have seen many transformations over this last year. We have been busy helping families understand the school process, prepare applications and now helping families make decisions, working with families thinking through both public and private school options.   

Additionally, we also help families who may be in crisis and have bigger picture concerns about education and child development. The most important part of our practice is service and working as a team to help you with your questions and concerns.   

Changes we have seen over the last year:
-Schools have become more flexible with their educational models.
-Schools have improved their virtual online programming.
-Schools have extensively researched new platforms of technology.
-Schools have pivoted and figured out different ways to market their mission.
-Admission directors have been gone above and beyond to be helpful and receptive to your questions and concerns.
-“Visits” to campus were varied from online, drive-by, walk through tours, all observing CDC guidelines.
-Applications for private schools have increased but now with public schools reopening, we are interested to see what families will ultimately decide.
-Many articles in varying journals and podcasts detail the scope of the potential gap in learning this year as well as the psychological impact for both children and parents. There is still much to be learned and studied about the impact of the last year.

Thinking about whether you could benefit from us?

Educational consultants are needed to help parents…
-understand the changing landscape of schools.
-analyze each child and what schools may be a good fit.
-process their research as to the climate of each school and the right fit for a family.   

Educational Connection Advisors continues to be your source of knowledge, understanding and help in finding the right schools for your family, both public and private.  

Plans for the Future: 
Plan now for your summer. Remember to remain flexible and know that you need to go slowly even though the world is opening. 

We care and we are here for you!
Our Best,
Barbara, Fontaine and Betsy